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Once upon a Time…

Once upon a Time…

I’d never thought that writing the opening piece of a fly fishing blog was the most difficult part of the job.

The start always asks for an higher effort and I should have learnt this since time, as I already write here and there on the web and on magazines.

I must confess that only few weeks ago the idea of starting a fishing Blog did not even pass through my brain, although I normally do a lot of weird and whimsical thoughts almost everyday.

Then, suddenly I decided to collect all my ideas, to make something concrete and to start sharing with others what’s in my mind.

So, what does really drive me to write about fly fishing? Well, I have couple of answers, a short one and a long one. The short one says that I love this sport and its tradition and I feel the need to make you aware of my thoughts. Here I’ll be a person writing for persons.

To find the long answer you will have to wander around my website and snoop this blog.

If I only was a good host I would promptly show you all the rooms of this home, a little retro, vintage at times, but often out of usual patterns.

The good rules of engagement should prompt me to show you the trip we are going to do here.

If only this were a normal trip.

As an aging man in his fifties I should probably favour package tours and give you a detailed explanation. But I definitely hate package tours (never done one in my entire life) and especially when we talk about pen and paper trips. Ops, better to say screen and keyboard trips.

Here we will do trips without a fixed scheme, at times on comfortable highways and often off-roads. We’ll sleep at inns and we’ll drink wine in taverns and certainly we’ll speak of fly fishing and fly tying. We’ll talk of history and tradition of fly fishing, but also about what we see around us right now. We’ll keep an eye behind us to understand what we have in front.

At time, I know it already, I’ll let that critic part of me talk. Is the part of me that does not really stand some aspects of modern fly fishing and fly tying world.

Do we really need another fly fishing blog?

My humble answer is yes. Actually there is always the need of new stories, and a blog is made exactly of stories.

Man is made of stories. There is no civilization or human being that has not known stories.

There has always been a fireplace where two men sat one day, and one of them started saying: “once upon a time…”






  1. To start a project like this is to die a little on the page Alberto, because to open up your heart about what is the true emotion that moves you to create,is like exposing the flesh to be picked at by scavengers.
    The flow of words and ideas comes only after the initial catharsis of self-examination and overcoming the doubts one experiences at the beginning.

  2. I really love your introduction. Starting to write on a white piece of paper is always a challenge and you have done it successfully. I really like the idea of a trip without GPS; normally the best places are found somewhere out.

  3. Alberto, thank you for publishing such a wonderful website and blog. I am looking forward to using this site as a reference. I wish you the best with your blog, and look forward to seeing your new work in our craft. All the best, Aaron.

    • Thank you Aaron, very kind of you. It’s not easy to deal with a blog in double language. I’ll try to do my best and translate as much as possible.
      My regards

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