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In the past few years I had the pleasure to contribute with my works with different fly fishing authors. Several of my classic flies were pictured in books and magazines and my profile was included in Vol. 2 of Steve Thornton’s “Fly Tyers of the world”.
Worth of note are the cooperation with friends like Michael Radencich on his latest book “Classic Salmon fly Patterns” and with Paul Rossman on “Salmon fly hooks”.
But surely I cannot hide my great satisfaction and proud for the chance I got years ago to cooperate with a gentleman named Dr. Andrew Herd, famous fishing historian and author of several books. His new edition of “History of Fly Fishing” was published in three volumes and several of my salmon flies were included in volume 1, while two beautiful pictures of my flies illustrate the cover of 1st and 3rd volume.
I have been honoured to tie flies for Dr. Herd and to help him with articles he wrote for Waterlog magazine and for the American Fly Fisher Journal of the American Museum of Fly Fishing.

It’s true I love to combine silk and feathers on a hook, but equally I have a special passion for combining letters on paper. Writing is a real love and whenever I had the chance to do it I have written pieces and articles for several magazines in the course of the years. The search for quality publications brought me in the end to concentrate my thoughts on two directions: the Italian magazine FLY LINE, the oldest and most complete fly fishing magazine in my country, and the Castabout Bulletin of the Catskill Fly Fishing Centre and Museum. To the men respectively behind the two magazines, Mr. Roberto Messori and Jim Krul, goes my appreciation and thankfulness for their trust.

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