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Fly Fishing Craft

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  • Gut


I often find myself thinking to the anglers of the past, fishermen who lived for instance in the Middle Age or in 16th and 17 century in Europe or during the Colonial period in USA. Before the birth of industrial production of fishing tackles people had to learn how to make their own stuff; how to make a rod, a horse hair line, their flies tied in hand on hand made hooks. They learnt to dye their feathers and wools and to skin the birds.

They were somehow self-sufficient, a condition we are not used today. Much easier to drive to the closest fly shop and get what we need.

My love for arts and crafts brought me to invest time and research to understand how things can be done and, whenever I can, I always try to learn how to do everything by my self.

I tried to became a more complete fisherman not only learning how to tie flies. But also growing silkworms for gut, making hooks and trying japanning recipes, dyeing feathers, framing flies and binding books with the old style methods.

Here you find some examples of my crafts applied to fly fishing and fly tying.