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About Me

Ciao, my name is Alberto Calzolari and I welcome you on this website. I was born in 1964 in the beautiful and antique city of Bologna. I am a fly fisherman and a dedicated fly tyer since the age of 14, with a special passion for the history and the tradition of our sport. I spent big part of my life traveling the world and in terms of friendships this was a real bless. Yes, I have been blessed with the chance of meeting other fly fishermen and fly tiers from everywhere. Some of them were simple acquaintances, some were inspiring mentors, some of them became real friends. And all of them, no exception, were teaching me something.

Now, let me tell you first what you won’t definitely find here in this website: you are not going to read of secret techniques to catch bigger fishes.

Instead, in these pages you will have a glimpse of traditional and classic flies, from simple dry flies to complicated full dress salmon flies; you will go through my collections of flies and other fly-fishing antique and vintage items. You will learn more about my fly-fishing related crafts, such as hook making, fly framing or bookbinding.

You are also invited to join me on my blog section for a trip through fishing history, anecdotes, fly-tying subjects or simple thoughts. Pour yourself a cup of coffee, take seat and start the journey. I hope you might enjoy the trip.


Some Pictures of Me

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